Why We Ask You What’s In The Box

July 29th, 2014 by

You may be wondering why we always ask you what’s in the box you’re shipping.  Part of it is so we can assess the packaging needs to ensure your treasure is adequately protect from the rigors of the shipping system.  Part of it is so we can add declared value coverage in the appropriate amount to protect you from the slight chance of loss or damage.

But there’s another reason as well – we are liable for what gets shipped out of our store.  Here’s a link to an interesting article on the criminal indictment and multi-million dollar lawsuit facing FedEx these days.  http://blogs.wsj.com/corporate-intelligence/2014/07/25/a-touchy-legal-question-for-fedex-ups-whats-in-the-box/

So, we’re not being nosy, we’re just trying to protect both of us!