Why you should double box ceramics

January 25th, 2013 by

Last year, when we were getting ready to put our house on the market we had to “stage” the house, which meant taking a bunch of stuff out.  So we put lots of stuff in a storage area.  Most things I just put in boxes with maybe a little bubble wrap since I was handling it myself.

One item, however, was a ceramic wash basin and ewer.  I packed it like I would ship it – bubble wrap, two inches of peanuts in a sturdy box, and a second box with two more inches of peanuts.  I was afraid that since it was big and light and would be on top of a stack in the storage room that it might fall off.  My wife grumbled about overkill and that’s what you get when you’re married to a guy who packs for a living.

All was fine – until this week when we decided to bring the ewer home and use it in our guest room.  A friend of mine helped us transport a bunch of stuff out of storage, including that piece.  Since he’s a highly competent guy, I didn’t pay much attention to how he tied it all down in the back of his pick up.

Well, we’re going down the road at 60 mph and the box with the ewer and basin goes flying off the back of the truck and into the road!  I figured it was a goner.  It may survive a UPS or FedEx conveyor belt, but falling off a truck at 60 mph?

When we opened it up at home it was in perfect condition!  Not a nick or a scratch.  And no more grumbles from the wife!