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Pak Mail Estimate Disclaimer

Please understand the estimate we will provide you is based upon weights, dimensions, values, or other information provided to Pak Mail Anderson Mill by you or your authorized representative and may include approximations based upon the information you have provided, to which we have access, or which we have derived from our experience in this business.  In the event the figures used to calculate this estimate were not actual weights, values, or measures this estimate may be adjusted up or down to reflect the actual, after-packaged figures. 

As each custom packing and shipping request is unique, so too is each estimate. Following are some general parameters and considerations for Pak Mail Anderson Mill’s estimate. Please call 512-249-SHIP (7447) with any additional questions.

  • All shipments are estimated on a prepaid basis. No freight will move until packaging and freight charges are paid in full.
  • Customer-packaged articles must meet Pak Mail and carrier packaging standards. We will inspect for compliance.
  • Pak Mail store may require additional packaging to meet standards, which may require additional fees.
  • Truck freight shipments may require accessorial charges from the freight line. These may include: residential delivery, inside delivery, stair charges, and the like. Charges for your shipment, and their explanation, will be explained by Pak Mail as part of our estimate to you.
  • Large freight must be tendered on a pallet. Pak Mail Anderson Mill  is happy to provide this service. Additional charges may apply.
  • All large freight shipments must be accompanied by an itemization of shipment contents and values for declared value purposes. Failure to provide this could affect freight damage or loss claims.  Pak Mail store can assist you in this itemization.
  • Truck freight is estimated curbside in front of the consignee’s site, to the back of the truck. Any additional delivery needs will incur additional charges.
  • These estimates do not cover animals, hazardous materials, or contraband.
  • If assembly or disassembly is required on your item, additional charges may apply.
  • If you mark a category or item generically, such as fragile, non-fragile, very fragile, or extremely fragile, the price estimated may vary.
  • Pak Mail Anderson Mill will not guarantee plants or perishables.

Important definitions

Non-fragile refers to items that are not easily damaged or broken, such as books, clothes, and paper goods.

Items that are categorized as fragile are susceptible to damage and require more attention and packaging. Generally, these items will be packaged with bubble wrap, styrofoam, and/or other types of packaging materials to prevent movement and provide a cushion for the items being shipped. Fragile items can include things such as telephones, small picture frames, and toys.

Very fragile
Items that are categorized as very fragile are easily breakable and/or sensitive and may or may not have a high value. These items generally require additional packaging with bubble wrap, styrofoam, and/or other packaging materials as well as double box packaging (a box within a box). Very fragile items include items such as china, computers, stereo equipment, and porcelain.

Extremely fragile
Items that are categorized as extremely fragile are easily breakable and/or sensitive and will have a high value. These items generally require additional packaging with bubble wrap, styrofoam, and/or other packaging materials as well as double box packaging (a box within a box), and/or wood crating. Extremely fragile items include things such as artwork, high-value china, computer systems, and stereo equipment.

Why Choose Pak Mail

Pak Mail Anderson Mill is a full service packing and shipping store as well as a custom crating and freight shipping company. We are located in Austin and proudly serve Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Pflugervlle, and all surrounding areas. Request a Free Online Estimate or call us at 512-249-SHIP (7447).


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