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Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly where are you located? Packing & Shipping Questions Austin, Texas
At 13359 N. Hwy 183, Pak Mail Anderson Mill is conveniently located on the northbound side of Highway 183, right before Anderson Mill Rd.  We are in the shopping center directly behind Texas Roadhouse.

Do you have a notary on staff?
Yes.  We have a notary here to serve you whenever we're open.  Be sure not to sign your document until you are here.  Also, be sure to bring picture ID with you.

How is the price of a shipment determined?
The price of a shipment is based on four factors; weight, size, destination, and speed.  So for example, an overnight package to Boston will cost more than a ground package to Dallas.  We are always happy to provide a quote - just let us have those four pieces of information.  Give us a call or use our free quote feature on this site.

Is there a surcharge over regular retail rates?
Absolutely not!  We have national contracts in place with all the major carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL, Roadway, R+L Carriers, ABF, and more!) for air, ground, and ocean services, both domestic and international.  Having these wholesale rates allows us to have a highly competitive retail rate for our customers.

The only exception to this is the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).  Since they refuse to provide a discounted rate to shippers like us we do have to mark up stamps and USPS parcel shipping.  However, at Pak Mail you will never stand in line for an hour like at the local post office and we'll never "go postal" on you!  Our convenience and superior customer service is well worth the small additional amount.

What kind of items does Pak Mail pack and ship?
Pak Mail packs and ships anything anywhere — any size, any weight, including everyday items, antiques, mementos, the oversized, and the awkward.  Our only exclusion is hazardous material.

Does Pak Mail offer custom packing services?
Absolutely!  Our certified packing specialists will carefully pack your items and ready them for shipping.  If it requires special packaging, we even build custom crates and cartons.

How about large items?
Pak Mail offers a complete large-item packing and shipping service by air, ground, ocean, and freight.

Why should I let Pak Mail do my packing for me?
Peace of mind!  At Pak Mail, our certified packing experts will ensure your item is packed to the highest professional standards.  The shipping system is very hard on packages, regardless of which carrier is used.  Boxes are thrown, may fall off conveyor systems onto concrete floors, etc.  Freight companies use fork lifts to move items around.  We have the expertise to assess your item and determine the amount of protection needed to ensure it arrives in the best condition.  Additionally, if we do the packing and shipping we can provide full declared value coverage.  This way, not only will your item arrive safely, but in the rare event something does happen, you're covered!

What is Declared Value Coverage - and why do I need it? 
Declared value coverage allows us to protect your shipment from loss or damage.  We offer two types of coverage - the carrier's and our own.

We generally use carrier coverage (UPS, FedEx, DHL) when we have not packed the items ourselves.  Carrier coverage is good, but they sometimes refuse to pay because they claim the item wasn't packed properly and the recipient has thrown away the packaging material so there's no way to prove it was adequate.

The best way to protect your shipment is to allow Pak Mail to do the packaging and use our own alternate declared value coverage.  We are well trained in proper packaging methods for even the most fragile items (see the previous question for details).  In the very, very rare instance that something we pack gets damaged, we simply fax the details of the damage and your proof of value to Pak Mail corporate headquarters and they either pay for a repair or send us a check for the loss.  Your compensation is taken care of very quickly.  Declared value coverage is very affordable and can be purchased for amounts up to $50,000!

Do I need to ship with a specific carrier?
No!  At Pak Mail, you've got choices! Our preferred network of carriers includes UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, Roadway, R&L Carriers, ABF, and more!  We'll be happy to provide comparative rates to guarantee the best price and delivery method.

Will you pick up my items for shipping?
We will be happy to pick up your large freight items.  Just give us a call at 512-249-SHIP (7447) and we’ll make the arrangements.

Does Pak Mail carry packaging and moving supplies?
Yes.  We offer a full line of shipping containers, including boxes, mailers, and envelopes, as well as tape, packing peanuts, foam wrap, and bubble wrap.

Does Pak Mail recycle? 
Absolutely!  As a member of the Plastic Loose Fill Council we will be glad to accept your excess "peanuts" .  Please be sure they're clean and not mixed in with other materials and we'll make sure they stay out of the local landfill!

What services does Pak Mail offer for businesses?
Pak Mail provides complete mailroom, shipping, and receiving services for today's business world, including a full line of shipping supplies, freight and specialty shipping options, custom packing, a wide selection of carriers, and local pick up and delivery.  We also offer complete fulfillment services, as well as office support capabilities, including mailbox rental, faxing, photocopying, and business printing.

Does Pak Mail provide free shipping estimates?
You bet!  Just click on “Get a Free Estimate” above, fill out the form, and hit Submit.  We’ll get right to work on your estimate and give you a call back as soon as possible.

Why Choose Pak Mail

Pak Mail Anderson Mill is a full service packing and shipping store as well as a custom crating and freight shipping company. We are located in Austin and proudly serve Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Pflugervlle, and all surrounding areas. Request a Free Online Estimate or call us at 512-249-SHIP (7447).


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